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Mornin' Pinkerton.

Name's Charlie Prince. I 'spect you hearda me.

Balled-Up Whore
7 April 1989
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Yes, I blates snagged this template from the userinfo at bat_cache, but that’s because I am Oddthing #2 over there, and I spent ages slaving over a hot stove to make that userinfo look nice anyway.

Name: Brams
DoB: 7th April 1989
Location: England
Gender: Female

– Movies
– Goldfish
– Shoes
– Creative writing
– Heathus Christ
– Crumpets
– Muse
– Anything that is sparkly
– Horses
– Illustration
–Red meat
– The Blonde Bomb aka Ben Foster

– People who whinge a lot
– Drunken violence
– Chavs
– Pregnant women
– Little girls
– People who don’t know when to shut the fuck up
– Bad acting
– Bad singing
– Reality television
– When the tumble-dryer makes your clothes smell like hot plastic
– Blokes who grab/slap my bum

Favourite Quotes:
– Charlie Prince - “Mornin’ Pinkerton. Name’s Charlie Prince. I ‘spect you hearda me.”
Bryon [in response] - “Well I heard of a balled-up whore named Charlie Princess, that you missy?”
from ‘3:10 To Yuma’

– Trevor Adams – “Kids can be the most ruthless people in the world. They can just be supernaturally cruel. You've got to be a man! Be a man! BE A MAN! Sometimes you just want to cry.”
from ‘Bang, Bang, You’re Dead’

This is where I got the base for the layout code I used to customize my journal: premade_ljs, and it was made by hiswifeylove.

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