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Mornin' Pinkerton.
Name's Charlie Prince. I 'spect you hearda me.
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18th-Feb-2011 11:47 pm(no subject)
18th-Feb-2011 08:06 pm - Writer's Block: Sweat it out
Should physical education in schools be mandatory, and why?

I do think so, but not the way they do it now. PE can be a very horrid, ruthless experience for some kids of secondary school age because this is when the body goes through the biggest changes and so many kids find it hard to deal with. PE, where you are forced to wear t-shirt and shorts and leap about in front of your peers can be humiliating (especially those poor kids that everyone picks on). 

Team sports in PE were always awful for me at school, because I wasn't interested in sport, I realised school wasn't a proper reality and it didn't matter if you lost at rounders or hockey or whatever. I remember taking two-terms of track running instead of swapping over to hockey because, personally, I found running around a track a lot more enjoyable than failing at a horrid team sport where all the other girls took it far too seriously. 

I think kids should be able to choose 'modules' in PE - for example I was terrible at team sport and never felt like I was getting proper exercise because of that, so I would have preferred to just do track-running or indoor aerobics all year. Some kids completely adore playing sports and would rather do that all year round. 

I don't know if this is true of other schools, it certainly didn't happen at my school, but I think there should be a theory module in PE. Teach the kids about what's happening in their body as they exercise, teach them about the long-term benefits of exercise and what happens if they don't exercise. Teach them how to exercise properly and what methods of exercise are actually bad for you, or even how to eat to optimise the benefits of cardiovascular or resistance exercise. 

And the annual Sports Day should be BANNED, as well as swimming galas. 

I think all these things would make mandatory PE a lot more appealing. 

O Heathus
16th-Oct-2010 11:58 pm(no subject)

If you could change the title of one published book, which book would you choose, and what would the new title be?

I would change 'Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix' to 'Harry Potter and The Structurally Reinforced Bookshelf'.
yellow princess
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

Cuddly toys! *sinsinsin* I have keyrings that have been around for a while, and of course they go where I go since they're attached to my handbag. 
yellow princess
20th-Jul-2010 02:06 pm - Writer's Block: Old enough ...
Do you think parents have a right to know if their teenager is taking birth control pills? What are the potential consequences of requiring parental consent?

Bad idea.
yellow princess
18th-Jul-2010 11:58 pm - Writer's Block: Vampires, again?
Is there a TV show that everyone around you watches that you really don't get or like? If so, what is it? To what do you ascribe the odd fascination?

Any of the soaps like Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street. The shows like Britain's Got Talent and X Factor really should be banned, along with stuff like The Apprentice and Dragons Den. Um... there was this major fad called 'Glee' that I really didn't get.... there's probably loads more, I just can't get my brain to work. 
22nd-Jun-2010 01:59 am - Writer's Block: Acquired taste
What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

I had a porridge sandwich once. I also like brie+grape sandwiches. And grape/cucumber+taramasalata sandwiches. Oooooh and cool salsa+humous sandwiches.

And a spoonful of marmite is the secret ingredient in my bolognese. Trust.
17th-Jun-2010 09:52 pm(no subject)
...... what's jaywalking?

Oh and Pogo did a new one :)
10th-Jun-2010 03:38 pm - Writer's Block: Prone to puns
How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

You really don't want to know.....

yellow princess
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